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GENESIS MEDIA LABS 2500 WATT HOME theater system
May 21, 2007


I get at least 50 hits a day from the Google search: GENESIS MEDIA LABS. Please, if you have been scammed or if you have a story, leave a comment below. This will help raise awareness of these scam artists. Unfortunately, what they are doing is no more illegal then selling vitamins in a pyramid organization. So, nothing can be done to help those who have been scammed (unless these guys are avoiding tax laws). So please, leave your comments to raise awareness!

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So, I think of myself as having a lot of street smart, but my greed got the best of me about two weeks ago. I guess it was a good life lesson that I need to be less greedy and a little more honest. The following is a little story about a bad day that I had two weeks ago:

I was minding my own business one sunny day. It was nice outside so I decided to clean out the inside of my car. For some reason my friends think of it as a garbage can so there are like literally a dozen empty bottles under the driver and passenger seats. It was a mess in general. I mean, just two days before I decided to clean my car, I parked my car on a city street. Noticing I forgot my wallet I quickly looked under the seats to dig up some change. I dug up like 5 dollars in change but I had to sift through old burger wrappers and all this junk. Bottom line, my car was a mess.

Anyways, I am at the 76 gas station on 45th and Brooklyn cleaning my car. I must have been there for 20 minutes or more throwing away garbage and I had just finished vacuuming when this white mini van, that looked like it was fitted to do some work, pulled up. This guy who looks like your average appliance installer screams, “Yo! does anyone want some speakers?” This is where my mind has this Pavlov’s Dog like response and begins this weird automatic greed cycle and before you know it I yell back, “how much?” Man, if I just kept my mouth shut my day would have ended a lot better, but no… greed took over.

I walk over to the van and look inside reading the brand of the speaker system– Genesis. Knowing my high-end music system brands I start to drool. I say, “I can’t afford this man, sorry.” He then tells this story about how he picked up two extra, flashes me a receipt of some kind showing that there were 4 ordered but somehow the loading dock gave him 6. He then goes and tells me how he is trying to just make a quick buck, that it was my lucky day and that he had to sell it quick before he goes back to his boss. He says, “I would bring them back to Spokane where I am from for myself, maybe sell one to someone for a few thousand but if my boss sees these, he will make me return them.” Pretty dishonest of him and me to make this transaction. I should have stuck with my morals but I didn’t, I was greedy. So we negotiated on a price and I went to the ATM, he helped me load it into my car and I handed him $300 in 20’s.

Turns out the speakers were not made by the Genesis company that I had in mind but instead Genesis Media Labs. Google-ing the modal number brought up my worst fear. I was just SCAMMED! I couldn’t believe myself! How could have been so naive, so optimistic, and worst of all, so greedy. I spent the rest of the day reflecting on my greed, knowing that if I wasn’t so greedy that I would have escaped this whole scenario. I even looked up Genesis 6:10 in my bible as it was the modal number for the product (no crazy insight there; although, that would have been pretty cool of God).

Thank goodness that I didn’t loose all that money though. In fact, I am selling this speaker system online right now. Thank God for grace and ebay. Man, what a good life lesson —If something is too good to be true, it usually is.