New Year’s Resolutions

This year I am going to have 12 new year’s resolutions… it should be easy to come up with them, I have a lot of bad habits lol.

With no particular order!!!!

1. That’s what she said is getting old – no more ttws
2. Eating smaller portions – Studies show that eating smaller portions prolong your life
3. Exercise on the daily – I have a gym membership, I am going to use it!
4. No aim/facebook at work – time to focus at work so I have less long nights
5. Go out to eat once a week – I know how to cook so I should do it.
6. Stop drinking so much – seriously this needs to end.
7. Stop going to Seattle so much – I need to make more friends in SF lol.
8. Step on the other side of the club scene – time to calm down…
9. Limit my computer use outside of work – I am already on this thing all day and I got this stupid iPhone that makes me ADD for social networking.
10. Get better with spinning – I like music time to create it.
11. Learn how to play jazz piano – its just cords and scales right? I might need some lessons…
12. Find supportive people in my life and stop trying to be everyone’s friend – When someone is friends with everyone they are friends with no one.

Oh man 12 already? I could go on… I sneaked (i swear it was snuck) two in the last one even.


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