What happened to you Bill Withers?

One of my favorite songs of all time has got to be lean on me by Bill Withers – when I bought my first keyboard this was the first song I learned.

I mean this song is so good. “Lean on me when you aren’t strong” “I’ll help you carry on” “I’ll share your load, just call me” I mean what a good cheerful, inspirational song about being there for the people you love.

So…. what happens when you love the wrong people?

You start to feel the wear of being used because you just constantly give your love away to those who don’t appreciate it or if they are so appreciative they are just that.. appreciative and not reciprocative (yes, I made that word up). So you start to realize that you are just being used… like Bill Withers describes in his song. – eh at least he alludes to getting some ass from being used all the time…that’s kind a sick bonus. “I want to spread the news that its a good deal getting used, so use me…until you use me up.”

And looks what happens if you take your “lean on me” mentality and you have these great platonic friends… that are just friends and will always be just your friends?

You get emotionally attached to someone who you should have never been attached to cause you can’t keep the line clean in your mind. She/he is already there – you just need to get on bored again – forget that they aren’t of ever will be yours before its to late.

But… it’s too late? It’s too late you say? Seems like it was too late for Bill Withers too.

You start to get delusional and end up needing reciprocation of some kind..please..anything…something? Your world has been taken control of by one simple thought- and all else doesn’t matter anymore.

But wait, your platonic friend just crossed the line… once..and then there is hope!

no man… you just encountered what scientists call random outliers. But your hope is restored and you have energy to go on further! Cause hope is all one person needs.

Speaking about needs. Not that you got their attention – you want to know how to turn them on in this new way right?

But in the end- it was never meant to be, you fell in love with your friend who didn’t reciprocate. Well… maybe once but then they leave.

Then you are in too much trouble already.


I have made my last few lean on my friends this year. No more lean on me friends I have enough and I love them all very much – platonic wise of course cause I’m the ish like that. Should have kept them separated Bill Withers. Should have kept them separated.


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