Who needs to find a soul mate settle down, get married and have kids?

i do.

I am pretty excited for this weekend. Almost as excited as I was last weekend and almost as excited as I will be for thanks giving… week/eat-o-thon?

This weekend, I am taking care of my cousins kids 🙂 Thanks right… its gonna be a slumber party with uncle Steve.

email from the cousin:


The kids were hoping you could take them to dim sum Saturday for lunch? I’m
sure they would enjoy seeing High School Musical 3 too.  Kelly will need to
spend time either Sat afternoon or Sunday morning doing homework. Mia will
also have a little.

They’re very excited about spending  this weekend with you.


Maybe I will just end up being that Uncle that everyone likes. When they are like 16 they will all be blogging like “UNCLE STEVE TOOK ME TO DISNEY LAND” or “UNCLE STEVE BOUGHT ME A HONDA CIVIC FOR MY 16th BIRTHDAY”


One Response

  1. Aw, fun! 🙂 I definitely have a fun uncle…he’s my favorite, hehe 😀

    Sounds like a good weekend… except you have to watch High School Musical 3 =/ (Sorry, friend.)

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