Affirm me, right now – c.k.

Since everyone is talking about Obama, I will write about John McCain. Though his campain was dirty (If he himself chose that direction or his advisors did- I do not know), I respect him. In the last two weeks my approval rating went up for him. Although, I do not want him to be president, he has earned my respect back for being the leader that he claimed that he was.

John McCain is a sensier man. He is honest, he thought he could reach down to the people and pull them up.

There was a smear campaign against him too. He is not another Bush, George bush has no experience in DC, he was a governor that somehow got there. It is not his problem that he owns some 5 properties. It his not his problem that he is wealthy. He cared, He cared for is country and he though he could take the country by its boot straps and pull all of us up with him or help us pull outselves up.

He saw that America needed a figure who they could relate too. He saw that he couldn’t relate to most of America. This is where Palin comes into the picture. Together with Palin they could understand America and this country get back on its feet. Unfortunately he didn’t realize that the instant fame would have gone to her head. (or was it tina’s head?) He didn’t realize the qualities that made Palin a viable partner would be completely masked by her uneducated comments that Obama was a terrorist.

Well, McCain- its rare that I give credit to a white figure, but you deserve it. It’s just… America is changing… This is a historic moment and you belong in the story. You were right, it means a lot to many people that Obama is the first black president. It means a lot that he grew up the way he did– many of us can all relate to that… much like you wanted us to relate to Palin. We are also in need of a more accepting and libral party and disgruntaled about the current one– this truth is bigger then all of us.

This election was more about believes, about hope. America and the world needs something new. Not saying all Republicans are alike, or all white men are alike. But my friend, you felt reverse racism, you felt muted, you felt misunderstood and taken for granted. That I can not be sorry for as many of us feel the same way. I do want to say that I am sorry that America doesn’t respect you as much as they should… or as much as you respect america.

Your redeeming moments:

“Tonight more than any night i hold in my heart nothing but love for this country and for all its citizens whether they supported me or Senator Obama, i wish God speed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president” – McCain.


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