Let me make this clear, I am not inlove with you.

wow… what a load off my chest.

My friends, its great to be in a country where the next leaders have battle grounds such as SNL and late night TV. Where the heated moments are exchanging words over debate instead of fire over a battle field. Today, I am proud to say I am an American.

People, America needs a figure to believe in, someone to trust… someone to give them hope. I really do think leaders are more of a manifestation of what you believe in…. they give you reasons to work hard, reasons to live, reasons to believe.

I was talking with one of my friends recently on our way back from a night of drinking and gambling about what it means to be a leader.

You know, a leader doesn’t need to be flawless…. and as a leader concealing some weaknesses doesn’t mean hypocracy. I mean we were talking from a christian context. My argument was that you shouldn’t have to expose yourself to the community for all that you have done wrong.

My analogy was this. If you were commander of a destroyer… and you made a mistake in the past that caused horrible repercussions. You shouldn’t tell your crew this. Why? because you are a better leader than your faults… they believe in you… you give something to believe in. And in times of pressure, it is that belief that will give them the strength to go the extra mile. Plus if you constantly dwell on your mistakes, you start to believe that your mistakes are your limitations, and that is not true.

My friends, Obama isnt flawless… no one is. But he is someone who we can believe in. He is a great leader already because we believe in him, and that is half of what leadership is.

One day I hope to drop my immature mantra and become a leader again…. but for now:


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