Home was good

So I am back now in San Francisco. 🙂 It feels good to be in my own bed. It feels good to be out of my jeans.

I must warn you… this post is all over the place.

I walk in and my roommate says to me… “you look rested”

In college I knew I needed to rest when I started getting double eyelids. I have had a double eyelid for almost 2 years now. The only time I saw it go away was one weekend in Pebble Beach with my family…. and right now.

Now I know I work late evenings sometimes and I have a busy schedule but I dont think that contributes to my weary state. Those things I can handle. But I have been uneasy ever since winter quarter my senior year.

This season of pain and bitterness might be inching towards a resolution… some peace.. i hope 🙂

I saw my parents. They look so young. I love how I can talk to my parents about anything and they are so supportive of everything I do. They are my heroes for sure. Its really good. I think I am going to try to involve them more into my life… have them meet my friends …etc. But yeah.. parents = 🙂

I got to process a lot this weekend… it was good. Understanding where my bitterness stems from this weekend was a valuable part of the healing process.

It was so good seeing old friends…. its amazing how supportive they can be.

Long story short…



One Response

  1. were your old friends the bottles off of kozu’s shelf?

    ha. jk. 🙂

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