Space, the final frontier…

So Virgin American is having a sweepstakes for Virgin Galactic. In short, they are going to take someone to space. I mean, you can buy a seat in this space vacation package. The problem is, the ticket costs 200,000. I could do a lot with around 200,000.


1. Start a franchise restaurant

2. Buy a night club

3. Buy a nice car

4. Rent an island in Fiji– servants included

5. Have dinner in the sky a few times

Anyways… All you have to do to enter the sweep stakes is do this:

In 50 words or less, please let us know the first thing you would do in weightlessness

So I took my shot.

The thought of having this slight chance to visit space on a marketing dime leaves me dreaming. I am then asked this question, which can be answered in one sentence. But one sentence, gives no personality. I would thank Virgin Galactic- then try to drink water upside down. Thank you…

See you all from space!


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