“First of all, if you want good UI, you don’t throw 1000 engineers at it.”

So I have been working a lot these days. I am trying to really trying to show off my UI skills at work so I can get on a good project with lots of senior visibility. I appoligize ahead of time if this is a work-centric post. But maybe it will be of interest… 😛 no? haha bleh.

Whatever~ So anyways. Today when I walked into work (after lunch becuase I promised myself I would take it easy at least one day this week) I here this chatter about our stock dropping like its not so hot and that our CEO has “decided to leave.” Meaning she was asked to leave. She was replaced by Paul Maritz former number 3 at Microsoft.

Corp life is like a big chess game. It is so interesting. There are some seriously brilliant people out there. I hope one day I will have the skillset to be such a hot comodity. Anyways the main point is things are crazy at work.

Paul Maritz definantly has a understanding of good software design though. Hopefully that will make my job better. When asked what his plan was to battle Microsoft because Microsoft can through 1000 engineers at making good UI, her responded “First of all, if you want good UI, you don’t throw 1000 engineers at it.

That was amazing.

Ok, back to trying to make myself known in this sea of engineers.

I promise my next post will be better. No youtube video, nothing boring about work. — It will be a good post.


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  1. i need a job.

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