Cousin email

Hello Cousins!

Seems like this tradition hasn’t kicked in yet. 🙂 It’s OK everyone is super busy. And I hear things through the grape vine :).

Anyways… here is my Cousin email for the year:

I am well settled into my job here in Palo Alto California. I have been with the same company for a year now if my internship is accounted for. I officially started in January. It has been everything I have wished for. The benefits are nice, I enjoy working with my coworkers, and the product is great! My official title has “Engineer” in it so my parents are proud. I am an integral part of the software design process and it has been a blast. I am spoiled with free food and drinks at work. We also have a variety of games from ping-pong to Rock Band. Sometimes I work long hours though. Today I worked 12 hours from 7am-7pm and I have a conference call in 30 minutes with India.

Beyond work, I have been volunteering at a non-profit organization called Asian Week. It is a weekly newspaper based in San Francisco with the target audience of Asian Americans. It has been a treat to meet people my age and volunteer to give a little back to the community.
I have found a Church that I liked to attend. The name of it is called GrX. It is filled with a lot of young adults mostly Asian Americans. They are pretty modern. I really like listening to the sermons and I like the Church’s worldwide vision. The Church really sets out to be a part of the community and not apart from the community. I like that aspect as well because I really dislike Christians who think they are better then everyone else.

On that note, I really like it here in Palo Alto. The summer is nice. It reminds me of the weather I had when I was growing up in the Tri-Cities. I cannot get enough of the sun. After being in Seattle for four years it is a welcomed change. I also like being close to family. My xiao jia jia is only a 30-minute drive from me, which is great because that means xiao wai wai is also close by.

I enjoy being uncle– wai wai grows so much every time I see her. I can’t wait to see boa bao and “Tank” my other niece and nephew this fall. It’s great because I feel like I have gotten to see a lot of my immediate family this year. It has been really good being around my sister and parents. I can finally make it to some more family gatherings now that I am out of school.

Besides family I also got a chance to see what nightlife that San Francisco has to offer. So far it has been pretty fun. I have enjoyed most of the clubs I have been too and the late night food I had is not comparable to Seattle. Although, there are still some great places in Seattle but non in Tri-Cities ha-ha.

I seem to be visiting Seattle a lot because a lot of my friends are still there and many of them are getting married. I got to visit my parents over winter break. That was the first time I returned home in a long time. My room looked as it did in high school, I got a chance to pack up old prom pictures and old soccer trophies. I plan to visit my parents as soon as my mom gets back from China. I also have planned a trip to see my dai jia jia in East Coast with a short stop in New York. I hope I can plan a trip to Asia and Europe soon to visit you all!

I actually have been doing a lot of traveling this year. I went to Disney Land for the second time in my life. This time I was old enough to go on some roller coasters. It was my first time going on rides like that and let me tell you, I really like them. Also, For my girlfriend Kelly’s Birthday/ our one year I took her on a 4 day 3 night cruise to Mexico. That was really fun. We have fun eating, sight seeing, eating some more, playing in the casino, and eating some more. haha it was really fun. I got to visit Southern California three times this year. I really like it there. I wish I had gone to College there but then I wouldn’t have met the people I had met in Seattle.

Not much else is happening in my life. I bought two cars, one from my sister—then I sold that and bought a brand new 2007 Honda Accord. I plan to move up to San Francisco after summer because I find myself up there anyways. I have started thinking about taking the GMATS so I can try to apply to a MBA school. Anyways, that’s about it…

Until next time cousins!



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