True Lies…

On my recent trip back to Seattle I went through a bunch of stuff that I had stored at my friend, Christian’s place. Actually it was Dave’s house or better known as the IV staff house. I moved everything to storage. I will go back sometime in the summer and drive it back to the Tri-Cities but in the mean time, everything is in a storage room.

I did take a few things back with you though. Mainly, my DVD collection. I don’t have a big one.

1. Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
2. Initial D
3. Lion King
4. True Lies
5. Batman
6. Star Trek First Contact
7. Bedazzled
8. Space Balls
9. The Incredibles

I only bought three of those movies: Bedazzled, Fast and Furious, and The Incredibles.I really like Fast and Furious and Bedazzled. I could watch them back to back over and over again. I am not sure why I bought Incredibles.

The rest of the DVD’s were gifts from Friends.

True Lies was one of my all time favoret movies ever since I was like 14. I got it as a random gift. That movie means a lot to me. So when I picked up the case as I unpacked my bag(I know its been a week and a half since I was in Seattle… I was busy at work) and heard it rattling around I was worried that it would get jacked up. So I opened the case. But instead of finding a loose True Lies DVD I found the True Lies DVD secure… but another dvd in the case as well. Which is odd becuase I did not hear it when I packed it. It was a chinese movie.. a Hong Kong Drama to be exact. The title of the movie was “Fighting for love.” I really liked it a lot.

Here is a Teaser:

A traffic accident brings together Deborah, a high-strung businesswoman, and Veg, successful owner of a fast food shop that specializes in bull organ soup. Fiercely combative about the accident, they end up in bed after too much drinking one night. Deborah’s thoughts of pursuing a relationship with Veg are dashed when she learns that he has a famous girlfriend, Mindy (she is television’s “Eat Drink Warrior”). Nonetheless, Deborah and Veg become friends, and, after prompting from Veg’s mother, Deborah decides to “fight for her love.” Who will Veg choose?

The question is… HOW did it get there. Strange?


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