Just enjoying the evening…

I think one of my favorite things of all time is making food. I love making food for people and I especially like making food for myself. When I make food for myself, it’s not anything lavish like what I do when I make food for other people. There aren’t 15 ingredients to a dish. I don’t concentrate on balancing acidity with sweetness. I don’t care about texture or presentation. At heart, I am a meticulous person that likes things clean and simple.. very Zen-esk(I know Zen is Japanese but Fong Shia is definitely not simple). For the last year or so I have been missing this simplicity in my life– mainly because I tend to unnecessarily complicate matters of the heart.

Anyways… Here was my dinner today:

Chicken noodle soup with baby bok choi and a glass of Merlot from Washington. Everything was from scratch… the broth was made a few days ago when I threw a whole chicken in a pot with some onions, scallions and ginger and let him bath there on the stove for a good 8 hours. The end result was a broth you can’t buy in a can… or in a box(they say box broth is better than can broth for some reason).The noodles were made with flower, egg.. haha jk they were store bought. Three ingredients really… broth, noodle, bok choi. Nice, clean and simple.

Sometimes the simple things in life are the most worthwhile. When one can sit still and enjoy what lies directly in front– whether its a simple dinner or the summer that lies ahead.

The day leading up to this homey meal was quite. I reported in sick this morning as I felt a little jacked up still from exposing myself to cold Seattle weather. I got to spend time at home, listening to some old cd’s from freshman year that I found packed away on my last visit to Seattle. Its been a while since I got to just sit and meditate too. It’s good. I need to do meditate more. Meditating and reading the bible more would probably do me some good. The silence is calming.. peaceful. Its nice to be able to welcome idleness.

I forgot the last time I was so welcoming to my old friend idleness. Actually… idleness is why I named by wordpress Take A Deep Breath, Smile, enjoy. It’s the feeling of contentment in life’s simplest sensory intake. When you allow stillness overcome your being and simply enjoy a moment tranquility.

I actually left my post for a second. It was funny because I just looked outside the window and there was a deer in the yard. I took a picture.

I went to get a better picture because my iphone camera has no zoom but as I approached it, it ran away(gracefully too). I did get a chance to watch it eat some grass. If I hadn’t disturbed it, it would probably still be there and I would probably still be watching it.

Kinda a sappy post huh? Drinking wine by myself, meditation, a deer(wtf). Haha, ok. I promise to prove my masculinity next post. I’ll talk about how the Lakers are going to take it home even though Pierces could probably take them all single handedly or how tight it is driving my cousin’s Beemer with manual transmission around then finding out that to fill up the tank costs $70.


2 Responses

  1. a deer running away (gracefully) . . . i like that image. ^^

  2. omg… that [noodle] looks sooo good!!

    it’s hard to calm down these days… the world keeps on telling us to keep going, otherwise we would fall behind. it’s good that you are able to get some rest… peace and quiet. =)

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