One year later…

So Its been a whole year since I graduated from UW. I can’t believe how fast time flies. It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I haven’t blogged much since I left Seattle. It just seemed everyone went their own way and plus I was in a weird place as I left college with a bitter bitter taste in my mouth.

Blogging has always been therapeutic to me. I used to just journal online to get my thoughts out of my head. And it was great, because I had an audience who would comment and friends who would ask how I was doing if I had a depressing post. I would blog about my life, what interesting lessons I learned about life whether the lesson was learned through a good or bad experience.

I stopped journal-blogging. I felt that I was wearing my heart on my sleeve too much and turtled up. Which is why I stopped journaling for… well a year. In fact- I have been pretty protective of my feelings, and my thoughts for a long time. One might say I was just being a tipical Asian Male– emotionless.

I did try to start a professional blog… about what it was like to move own to the Bay Area. I slowly stopped. I got bored of it, and who cares about what I do as a UI engineer. There was weird side effect to writing about my career too as people found my blog by typing in the place I worked since I guess my company is making the next best thing created in computing since googles search box. I got some weird linkage to other tech blogs and I didn’t want that pressure. I mean being professional is one thing. Living and breathing every second of your life as a professional? … I don’t know about that. There needs to be some balance.

So what have I been doing for the past year? Well, no one asked me to share but I constantly ask myself this question. I have done a lot actually. This might take a while so why don’t we do this in list form? Just in case you want to read a section and come back later.


I am working at a dream job– really no college grad could ask for a better start to his professional life then the chance I got to work with VMware. I am a UI engineer… that means I do not code and I do not produce graphics. So.. what do I do? funny you should ask as I am asked that everyday. Infact, even people that I work with ask this question.

Well, this is the long version of what I do for a living for those who care:

[SKIP to END if you don’t care]

The development of a piece of software is rather complex. A company has to keep up with current trends to deliver products that win over customers. Corprate side finds market nitches to tackle and Engineering researches new technologies. In the mist of all of this there is a need for each feature to be easily adapted and used. Here is where the user experience comes in. I lie inbetween the technology and the users of the technology. Assentially I am the hub between many funtional groups with the goal of creating a better user experience(this is not to be confused with a Product Manager, who is the hub for the product). I work with Technical Writers, Product Marketing, Developers, Graphic Designers, Product Managers, and User Researchers to piece all their demands together to advocate for all of them to all of them about their demands and create a mockup of what the product should look like to meet everyones demands. Yes, we are focus on the user but it is so much more then that. For the UI has the ability to altures the users experiance and with that knowledge marketing can advertise to their nitch, engineeres can show off their technology and the users can be given an experience that is worthwhile for them. So there, thats what I do. Now if you ask me what I do I would probably say, “I meet with a lot of people and I spend time drawing what a computer program should look like. I understand the technical side(I can code..tho a little out of practice) as well as human factors(anthropology). Its quite a mixed medium”


Work is great. I have been learning a lot about how corporations work. I really like what I do because I get a chance to meet with a lot of people and try to understand their perspective on the product and their work, and sometimes their life. I love working with people and finding how ways to work with different personalities well. I am pretty sure in the future I want to go into consulting and if not management but for now. I like where I am at. Good benefits and free beer on Fridays also helps my liking of the work that I do.


I can’t stay idle for very long. Plus I needed something to do to meet people. I found this place to help out at called AsianWeek. They are an Asian American orginazation that wants helps foster the Asian American community. it is really cool. There are a lot of younger people tht work with and of course they are Asian. So I got to meet a few people. Which is cool. They like to eat and drink and club– also cool.

The had a big big event called Asian Heritage Street Celebration. That was really cool. They flew down Kozu to take pictures. I was up for 24 hours running around helping with logistics at the fair then going to the after party. It was quite a memerable experience. Volunteering is pretty much the ish. Mainly because I got to meet Apl De Ap from the Black Eye Peas… I mean becuase I was giving back to the community.


I visited Seattle a lot. First time back was for Courtney’s birthday and since then I have been up at least a dozen times. Seattle is a good place to visit nd all my good friends are there. Sometimes I don’t know how many people I concider a good friend concider me as a good friend as well but hey, tough luck to them.. they are stuck with me.

I realized… sometimes you have to fight for your friends. Expecially when there is drama.


I got to tell you something. I don’t know of this is a secret or not. But at the end of college I completely lose confidence in myself, in who I was, in what I did… everything. I could second guess myself all the time. When I talked to people I would studder. It was so bad I could barely formulate thought. I think I was so hurt of spring quarter transgressions that I had this ultimate fear. I do not remember a time when I was so sheepish in everything that I did.

Finding myself again was a long journey. But thanks go God Im back. Oh, and if you ever find yourself in a place where you feel like you have been knocked off your feet and kicked repeatedly remember your first love. And find good friends who would encourage you to do so. Haha, Steve got his groove back…. watchout!


My sister had a baby girl. She is sooo cute. I really like hanging out with her until she poops. Thats about all… baby’s can’t do much. eat, poop, sleep..repeat.


GrX! I have been on their small group mailing list for a long time. I just haven’t had a chance go go ahead and go. That is my next goal. Finding my path again will be fun.. I hope.

Man.. I just realized the most I had to write about was my work. Thats kinda sad. its alright though… thats what I have been pretty much doing. I often find myself talking about my job actually. I hope that is not what life sercomes too. Alright. Time to do the only thing that has remained constant in my life for the last 8 years. STARCRAFT!


3 Responses

  1. ah i miss your blogs with your unique spelling.

    funny, i felt as though i had an audience to write for as well on xanga. i did it for the affirmation that i got from the eprops. oh how times change.

    thanks for sharing… see you in less than a weeeek

  2. haha, starcraft will always be there for ya, buddy

  3. i miss reading your blogs… what you said spoke to me.

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