College life

I was talking with Kelly yesterday about how different college would be if paths were slightly twisted, if different people would have decided to date or what not. It is interesting to think about on the whole college experience again.

I looked at this picture:

I found a white Arts and Science tassel so I could hang out with my awesome Arts and Science friends.

This doesn’t even include the Jeff Lams and the Chris Bhangs of the class above mine or the David Lees and the Tyler Wrights of the class below.

I think I was really caught up with how my college experience wasn’t what I had dreamed it to be for a long time. From the time my immature high school dreams were crushed to the frustration of not living the ‘go crazy while you still can’ idea of college — I missed the mark by far in both dreams anyway.

Thinking back, I wouldn’t trade in the experiences that I went through in college. The different personality tweaks I took on to adjust socially, the way I pursued self exploration, the different people I hung out with– I wouldn’t trade it in to live my ‘dream college experience”

I am a dreamer at heart, I always think “what if” or “I wish I could” but I don’t know, maybe I should bring my thoughts back down to Earth so I can enjoy how wonderful life is, or was.

hmm… 🙂


2 Responses

  1. it’s a good reminder… =)
    as i go into my last quarter of undergrad.

  2. ^__________^

    steeeve. i’m gonna call you this weekend.

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