GENESIS MEDIA LABS 2500 WATT HOME theater system


I get at least 50 hits a day from the Google search: GENESIS MEDIA LABS. Please, if you have been scammed or if you have a story, leave a comment below. This will help raise awareness of these scam artists. Unfortunately, what they are doing is no more illegal then selling vitamins in a pyramid organization. So, nothing can be done to help those who have been scammed (unless these guys are avoiding tax laws). So please, leave your comments to raise awareness!

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So, I think of myself as having a lot of street smart, but my greed got the best of me about two weeks ago. I guess it was a good life lesson that I need to be less greedy and a little more honest. The following is a little story about a bad day that I had two weeks ago:

I was minding my own business one sunny day. It was nice outside so I decided to clean out the inside of my car. For some reason my friends think of it as a garbage can so there are like literally a dozen empty bottles under the driver and passenger seats. It was a mess in general. I mean, just two days before I decided to clean my car, I parked my car on a city street. Noticing I forgot my wallet I quickly looked under the seats to dig up some change. I dug up like 5 dollars in change but I had to sift through old burger wrappers and all this junk. Bottom line, my car was a mess.

Anyways, I am at the 76 gas station on 45th and Brooklyn cleaning my car. I must have been there for 20 minutes or more throwing away garbage and I had just finished vacuuming when this white mini van, that looked like it was fitted to do some work, pulled up. This guy who looks like your average appliance installer screams, “Yo! does anyone want some speakers?” This is where my mind has this Pavlov’s Dog like response and begins this weird automatic greed cycle and before you know it I yell back, “how much?” Man, if I just kept my mouth shut my day would have ended a lot better, but no… greed took over.

I walk over to the van and look inside reading the brand of the speaker system– Genesis. Knowing my high-end music system brands I start to drool. I say, “I can’t afford this man, sorry.” He then tells this story about how he picked up two extra, flashes me a receipt of some kind showing that there were 4 ordered but somehow the loading dock gave him 6. He then goes and tells me how he is trying to just make a quick buck, that it was my lucky day and that he had to sell it quick before he goes back to his boss. He says, “I would bring them back to Spokane where I am from for myself, maybe sell one to someone for a few thousand but if my boss sees these, he will make me return them.” Pretty dishonest of him and me to make this transaction. I should have stuck with my morals but I didn’t, I was greedy. So we negotiated on a price and I went to the ATM, he helped me load it into my car and I handed him $300 in 20’s.

Turns out the speakers were not made by the Genesis company that I had in mind but instead Genesis Media Labs. Google-ing the modal number brought up my worst fear. I was just SCAMMED! I couldn’t believe myself! How could have been so naive, so optimistic, and worst of all, so greedy. I spent the rest of the day reflecting on my greed, knowing that if I wasn’t so greedy that I would have escaped this whole scenario. I even looked up Genesis 6:10 in my bible as it was the modal number for the product (no crazy insight there; although, that would have been pretty cool of God).

Thank goodness that I didn’t loose all that money though. In fact, I am selling this speaker system online right now. Thank God for grace and ebay. Man, what a good life lesson —If something is too good to be true, it usually is.



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  1. It’s so strange I came across your blog. As I was doing a search for some Genesis speakers to find out what they’re worth. It seems my husband fell for the same trick here in Mesa, AZ. He calls to tell me that some guys come up to him at the GAS STATION and ask if he wants to buy some speakers that they don’t want their boss to know they’ve got them and they really need to get rid of them. So my husband buys them for $250 without opening the “factory sealed” box or researching to see if they’re really worth like $2,000. He got the 1000 Watt 6.1 Home Theater Surround Sound. I guess the guys even pulled out a magazine to show him exactly how much they’re worth. Why he didn’t take a little precaution and just write down their license plate number is beyond me. I told him he should’ve called me before he bought them and he replied, “But I knew you’d say NO!!”

    So don’t feel stupid. I need to do a little more research to see if these are the real deal or not but I have the feeling that me finding your online journal with the exact info I was looking for is NO COINCIDENCE. Thanks for posting. What’s your location, by the way? Just wondering why this seems to look like an organized scam.

  2. Ha Ha, all of you stupid people got ripped off. I pull in close to 100K a year selling you all this junk.

  3. I had a similar event to me. I live in Indianapolis. Two guys in a brand new chevy trailblazer pulled up offering a new kick ass hometheater for a good price.So i was excited about it. He told me genesis and i thought of the old 80’s genesis stereo system. The guy game me the whole thing about installing these in mansions and about how the MSRP is like 2,000 dollars. The guy tried to get me to trade something with him such as a dirt bike, or four wheeler. I ended up just leaving because the guy seemed a bit on the dishonest side.It just goes to show people that their are little bastards out there who would try to take advantage of people.

  4. Well, the same thing is happening east of Cleveland Oh. A blue pickup truck pulls next to me at a gas station. The story is almost exact. There are 3 guys in the truck and they have the Gensis Media Labs system in the back. It shows MSRP of $4795 on the box and I almost bought it for $1000. They have the magazine article (which I still can’t figure out how they got the add in the high end audio magazine. They had some documentation showing the 2 extra units.

    The ironic thing is… luckily, my greed passed and I told the guys that I wasn’t going to take advantage of them since it was worth $5000 and I was only willing to spend $1000. I told them I didn’t feel right about it – that I wouldn’t sleep at night. Guess the joke was on me as they were the ones trying to take advantage of me.

    Just for curiosity I looked it up on the internet and realized that I was almost scammed. What a wonderful tool the internet is.

    Anyways, the blue pickup had Michigan plates.

  5. Hi just got a g 506 off ebay cheap, when i buy any thing off ebay i google the product to see how much it really goes for and do research, the web site was kind of funny and all the magizine adds in hdtv the product looked good only stopped reserch after checking web site, should have did it further. hooked up the system it works pretty good ,not as good as bose , the bass could be better, but it worked , it stinks that you have to run all your cables and speaker wires directly to the sub woofer so plan on seeing wires or punching holes in your walls. the speakers are made of alluminum and look very well made , but no way are 500 watts each , probably made in china or indonesia , so what im trying to say is it works, didnt pay alot for it, ill post later if it blows up!!

  6. Well it is glad to know that I am not the only one out there to fall for these guys. It sounds like the same guys from above. 3 dudes pull up in a black F350 and insist that they have to get rid of this home stereo system. They say that they can’t have it in the back of their truck when they return to work. They try and get me to give them $1000 and I said I didn’t have the money. However, they did coax me to give them 400. Then they tried to put another pair of speakers in my car and tried to get more money. I’m so glad that I turned him down on those!

    Anyways, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my crappy overpriced sound system now. I just hope it works! Lesson learned, don’t ever fall for this terrible scam. Please tell everyone you know!

  7. And count me another idiot scammed today. I’m in Chilliwack, British Columbia and two Australian guys in a mini-van told me a story of similar variation to those told above. MSRP on the box for the Genesis Media Labs IM4 was over $4,700 so, golly me, $400 sounded like a deal. What a fucking moron I am.

    I’m actually a newspaper reporter here in Chilliwack for a large chain so, if I can get over the embarrassment of admitting what a dork I am to my friends I’ll do an article on this for the paper and hopefully the chain.

    At least I hope the system works in some regard so it wasn’t a complete money flush.

  8. Well I too almost got scammed today by some kid with a half believeable story in a white truck in a Home Depot parking lot. I’m usually a cynic and pretty keen to scams but as you’ve said above my greed got the best of me. I got as far as pulling the money out of my ATM and fortunately I stalled and called my Boyfriend who promptly found this blog and told me it was a scam. I’m so very thankful that you have this posted because you saved me $350 today. This guy was in my house hooking the system up when I told him to get the hell out. Thanks from Phoenix AZ

  9. these guys are even scamming in windsor ont. canada.. in early august i was asked by a guy in a white van, with all the windows covered if i wanted to buy some speakers. i gave the guy $179 for a G-506 Genesis Media Labs stereo. although its a scam i’m happy i wasn’t burned for more. it seems to work okay. but these guys definitley need to be stopped.

  10. They are here in Atlanta, GA also. Blue Ford Escape. Genesis G-505. had the MSRP of almost 5K. Their license number is I89-GFD. It is a Florida tag, county: OKALOOSA. I got the plate, but I got ripped off too. Forsyth Co cops have been notified, but there is only so much they can do…

  11. They are in the Ft. Lauderdale/Plantation area also. A guy and a girl in their early 20’s in a black SUV. Hope I can run into them again.

  12. They are in Miami-Plantation area. A black guy and a Puerto Rican in a blue SUV. They scammed me don’t let them scam you.

  13. Yup. Same old story in Boston. Boyfriend hit for $200. He almost gave them $500 so I guess it could have been worse. Do these things actually work? He was so deflated after finding out it was a scam that he didn’t bother hooking them up.

  14. Same story here! I was just getting out of a long days work, and the two guys pulled up in a black dodge truck. 200$ later, I have the worst speakers ever made. Please people, spread the word. Don’t get scammed by these losers.

  15. Well ,, this is a pretty good scam by them must admit. Must be tons of ppl in on it if they are scamming that many and making these. I got the IM4 5.1 by Genesis media labs. Had to carry it home only paid 300 dollars. I set it all up and it looked pretty cool. Until i turned it on and u hear the crackle static shit w.e u wanna call it .. But it sounds really good when you turn it up loud i only paid 300 for it like i said and I could sell it for 500 easy. Like it seems ok mine sounds really good when its cranked up loud.

  16. Yup, ditto to all the comments that have gone before. They must be scamming thousands of these pieces of crud out a year. It is organized for sure. For me it was in Kelowna, BC, Canada, gray Dodge van, Future Shop parking lot, the usual stories, hi-fi magazine ratings, catalog showing huge mfr suggested retail price etc. etc. The whole game plays out so fast that with that little nudge of greed whirling noisily in the back of your head, the analytical brain doesn’t quite have enough quiet time to kick in and do its job before it’s all over: you have a back seat full of pretty looking garbage, and they have your cash, off to find the next fool. On the bright side, it does have four pretty red LEDS on the front that turn on and off in sequence! Got to laugh or get furious, but definitely tell everyone you know!

  17. same story here guys,actually i nearly got fired for lying to my boss that i ran into traffic while trying to run a g611 home.a whiten guy and a chinese slut approached me at the traffic lights in atl and gave the same crap story abt how they cant take it back to their greed kicked in and i gave them my gas money!!!im glad i just paid $200….feels bad now that i know i was scammed when i made my galfriend feel like am the smartest guy n the world.wait till she hears this.they are in a blue trailblazer so guys watch out there….$5000!!!huh!

  18. HAHAHA, funny, real, funny, well I had saved up some money for the new slim psp, when at Home Depot, two guys in a little white truck came up to me and my dad saying, “Hey u guys want to buy a sound system?, there was a mistake while loading so we have five systems left, how much you got in your wallet? we’ll take it, we just want to get them off our backs, c’mon, anything” So I stupidly, without even thinking gave them 250 dollars. I wanted to set them up at home, so I googled GENESIS G6030 SET UP them BAAM, all this websites with SCAMMED people came up, I had just gotten fucked by this guys. I hope they get caught and sent to jail for their “Genesis Media Labs” bullshit. I wasted my PSP money, when we were going out of home depot, we saw them rippping some poor guy off. They even gave me their phone number for set up help. Well, so much for this Christmas.

  19. I was with my buddy mark yesturday. We were putting our snowboarding boots on in the parking lot of Alpine Valley, a ski hill in mid-Michigan. A tan pick up with two young guys were in it and pulled up screaming about this theater system they got. Apparently thier boss signed them off with the system from the so called company Genesis Media Labs. They looked legit and showed us not only the product, the magazine add displaying the prices and the reciept from the write off. They seemed like nice guys and kept telling us that they needed money to go to a strip club. As a confused victim they tried to sell two G-1620 Speakers to us for $1000. I told them i didnt have that kind of money and they quickly dropped the proce to 500. After telling them i didnt have that either they drove off, but later returned to bargin even lower. We got the proce down to $240, which me and my friend were gonna split $120 for each speaker, which seemed like the deal of a life time. They agreed and helped load two enourmous speakers into my friends car. Of course, we were both too stupid to get a license plate number because the deal sounded so convincing. On the brighter note, we only did spend 120 each for speakers that are worth about $50, instead of spending more. At the end of the ordeal i asked the guys names just to be friendly. The driver claimed his name was joe, he was tall, had a shaved head, grey sweatshirt and jeans. The other kid told me his name was Devin, he looked like a skater kid with some what long hair, a blue beanie and about 5’8, because he was only slightly shorter than me. I wish we would have been smarter about the whole ordeal and asked more questions. If approached by these fuckers DO NOT buy thier system, but if possbile try to stall them enough to get thier plate number. These kids deserve to get taken down along with all the other scam artist pulling this shit

  20. ok this is my deal ,,,,,i baught a system at a donation store and its a g-506 i payed 100$ and its got a serial number and all on it how do i find out if its realÉ

  21. It happened yesterday, 12/20/07 at around 630pm.
    I’m grateful that I worked at Radioshack where I earned the Monster Uni home theater certifications. I took one look at the remote and the hookup cables( the guy was rambling on about 24k gold platings etc), and I knew immediately they were fakes.
    I’m from Kenya, living in Metro Detroit, MI and this was a first in the US. Happens all the time in Africa.

  22. I came to Ohio for vacation and I was also in a parking lot minding my own business and the exact same scenario came up. except for they for they got me for $550. I should have known man. But the pawn shop will atleast give me my money back so I didnt’ lose out completely. Its always something else you have to be careful sbout all the time you know. Ebay may give me my money back. Not sure I pray that I can atleast break even…..

  23. Well I tried the pawn and not even close to atleast my 550 back. And on Ebay nothing either. I’m very upset because i intended to resell after being buttered up by those guys. These guys had Michigan plates too pretty close to cleveland. They got all of us we need to stop them. I have there plate numbers too.

  24. and the guy i did transaction with had a messed up eye.

  25. Man… I feel for everyone here. I bought a Genesis Media Labs off a couple of guys in lol a white van in a Canadian Tire Parking Lot. They got me good, $800 for a 5.1 surround system. However ironically enough the system destroyed my other one and it’s been great for almost a year now without any worries. I guess it’s a lession well learned, but in the end the thing works. I guess that makes me luckier than others, and a lot more careful with my money.

  26. I don’t consider myself stupid really, I payed them with counterfeit money. Jokes on them. haha

  27. Damn… scammers are in Delta BC, just got taken for $300 today… first and last time I buy something from a van in a parking lot. My story was identical to the original.

  28. I was approached by two guys today in the Clifton, NJ area with the same stories everyone here has. I didn’t fall for it because everyone knows white vans are only used for two things: selling crappy stuff out of and kidnapping children!!!

  29. I had the exact situation today-two guys pull up, say they have to off-load some expensive home theater systems for cheap before they go back to their boss. I talked to them and told them I’d follow them to the ATM around the corner. They turned left to the ATM and I turned right and took off.

  30. BTW-for the post above…this occurred in Los Angeles, CA

  31. Same in CLE OH

  32. Ain’t life wonderful!? I think we should all start up a club called “scammed, but didn’t even get kissed”. These guys are really good…I know they all have to inhabit the same rat hole, but I’m luckier than most of you, I live two miles from the “Genesis Labs Warranty Service Address (if it’s real…ha!)so I intend to pay them a visit or many visits until they either put together a system that pumps 2000watts with 500 per speaker! I got snaked on ebay…love those guys! After winning the bid on one of the Genesis Media Labs G-608 powered home theater systems, I told a friend what I had gotten off ebay and he laughed as he told me that I had been scammed and this “Genesis” was not the same “Genesis” speakers that were (and still are…) worth a couple thousand bucks, but were cheap knockoffs not worth $50 dollars at a scrap yard! I hadn’t paid the seller at that time and figured I’d email him and find out why he was advertising something he had to know was a piece of crap system! The guy demanded that I was bound by a legal contract as a buyer on ebay and that I’d better send him his money! I emailed him back and told him to go fuck himself and stick his “made in china” speaker system up his ass to which he replied that he was going to contact ebay and file a complaint about me!!! This went on for almost two weeks with daily emails going back and forth and I finally gave in and paid out $315.00 which included the shipping charges which I am glad to see wasn’t quite as large a sum of money that some of you tossed. I also told him that I was going to have a professional sound man test the equipment and see if it was what the box and seller claimed. Not even close! If the same system that this guy sold me actually put out 2000 watts, it was assisted by his farting lightening! The speakers are all cheap “made in china” crap, but…everything did work! It was a Christmas present to my Dad and he can’t hear very well so I don’t think he will mind listening to them, but I will be making weekly pilgrimages to the “Warranty Servie Department”…and I will probably be taking some of my ugly, greasy, psychopathic biker brothers with me just to make sure that the door of the “suite” gets opened. I think that then the Genesis people will think twice about who they sell their crap systems to!!!

  33. ps All of you “white van” people out there…please approach me in the parking lot so I can teach you the meaning of life…while I stick your “quality” sound system up your ass…and I won’t use any KY either!!!

  34. Yeah i got scammed here in Texas guy pulled up in a new truck asking if i wanted to buy a 3grand system for 300 bucks. I told him i didn’t have 300 and he said i could go to a atm and i said i only have 150 in my atm. He was like i guess thats enough. he said his blame was Cameron. He gave me a phone number so spam the shit out of him with texts and calls. 707-628-4522 Call and text that asshole as much as yall can

  35. Same exact scam in Newmarket, Ontario. This guy even showed me a picture of his kid with a sob story about the ex. Show me a shiny box and I turn into and idiot!!

  36. ive been approached 3 times, once in the parking lot of futureshop (canadian electronics retailer), once while driving, literally, and finally online, by some guy i sold a phone to. the first two times, i just wasnt looking for speakers, but either way, the guys that approached me just seemed MAAAAAAAAAAAD shady, so i just ended up ignoring them as they continued to try and sell me the speakers, it wasnt until the last time online, that the guy gave me ‘genesis’ website, and i foudn this site, and im just here to spread the word
    i was approached in the north york/concord area in the GTA.

  37. I bought a Genesis G6030 for $200 from two guys in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. I’m using the speakers with my Denon receiver and am using the sub for my two Klipsch floors that I have. Everything sounds incredible. I guess I have the right components to make it sound good. I wouldn’t have thought I was ripped off, I was just upset with the inputs on the back of the sub/amp. I’m happy; I wouldn’t have spent the money had I known, but now I have two really good set ups and the new speakers save me A LOT of room in my den on manhood. Oh well, sorry to anyone who got ripped off.

  38. this got me for $100 for the g-6.1 He was in the home depot parking lot in citris heights, Ca. He showed me the magazine. They cost $2000. same story, they had ordered to many. I haven’t tried them yet, but some people were scammed for a lot more.

  39. hahahahahahahaha i guess u all been falling for it i guess i made about 68thousand dollars in 2007 selling these things so keep buying
    by the way i know where they are made and who started all of this you bunch of losers

  40. San Diego, California
    Well, I have learned my lesson..always say No to strange offers!!!my story is the same as everyones. I paid $50 for the G-6.1, I don’t know if they work? I haven’t tried them. What upsets me is that now I have to home and tell my Husband that he was right!! Well life goes on…

  41. I was had too, Damn! In Salt Lake City Utah. These kids need to go down! Why can’t these people get real jobs and not rip us off. What happened to honest people.

  42. My father in-law just got scammed last week, he brought these speakers home and was so excited and today I watched the news and they did a segment on the “white van scam” apparently there have been many people in the cincinnati, ohio area who have been scammed. I just don’t know what it is with men and speakers, but I wouldn’t expect to get a quality/real coach purse out of the back of a van, you shouldn’t expect to get speakers from one either.

  43. I guess it’s all over the place now. Unfortunately greed overtook me in the same scenario. I kept telling myself this was fishy as hell but I really wanted a home theatre system. You learn from your mistakes, if something is too good to be true, then it really is.

    Not being a complete idiot, I did take down some information about the guys. These guys are Ontario, Canada dealers with a black Escalade, the liscence plate expiring in Dec 08. The Liscense plate was BCBE 467. They claimed their names were Chris and Chuck although I bet it’s complete bullshit. They were average size, about 5’10” each, white males, scruffy faces and seem to be fairly nice people.

    They are selling Genesis Media Lab speakers.

    Me being an idiot paid $500 for them. I am stuck with them and now have no use for them or way to get rid of them. I actually did hook everything up and to me they do sound decent. I know they aren’t the best out there, but it wasn’t a complete waste of money. Atleast they work with reasonably good sound.

    If you have nothing better to do any the guys approach you waste feel free to waste there time as long as possible!

  44. I forgot to add I contacted the police about it and they won’t do shit all about it in Ontario. They claim there is nothing they can do about these Fraudulent pricks.

    Like I said, atleast I did get a plate number whether or not it is ever helpful.

  45. hahahahahahahahahaha im still makin money from you fools i made 2330.00 last week

  46. Hi Folks,
    Purchsed a g 6.1 for 200 bucks. Hope they don’t blow up when i connect them. Anyway, these two young dudes are driving a black jeep cherokee in south florida, miami area. One of them is a scary looking amish beard sporting 20-sum-odd year old. The other guy was a clean cut 23 year old hespanic kid. Both smoooooth talkers. So, i figured for 200 bucks if they work im doing ok.
    For the rest of you people reading this, dont forget to get their tags. Maybe we can post them on a web page and get a hit put out on them. (Just kidding folks, especially law inforcement).

  47. I do repair electronics for a living.
    The other day a guy calls me about a repair to his v.expensive Genesis megawatts receiver.
    The first one that landed on my bench.
    I couldn’t believe what kind of crap it was.
    It looks inside like a high-school-kid-project.

  48. scammed in london ontario

  49. got suckered in the hallandale/hollywood area in broward county.

    dark truck with a small flatbed. i think it was one of those 4 door trucks. youngish white guy sold to me while 2 other people stayed in the truck. i kept saying no, no, no, but he was aggressive and put the shit in my car like i said yes already but i didn’t. in the end i agreed and went to atm and got the 300 dollars for him.

    i think that’s what they do, they make sure they go to parking lots and gas stations that have atm’s near by.

    next time i’m approached by a white van salesman i will punch him in the face even if it’s not the same person who scammed me. that will make me feel better for the scammer that did get me.

  50. I got scammed by a pair of guys three year ago. Now I got to Home Depot, looking for speaker guys. I found one two weeks ago. He gave me a hard sell, and I pretended that I was interested. After wasting almost 20 minutes of his time, we settled on $500, but I told him that I wasn’t comfortable making the deal in the open, so we met in the alley behind the store. That’s when I beat the shit out of him and stole six sets of speakers. What’s he going to do? Call the police?! I threw two sets off a bridge just to see them crash. The other sets I gave to some high school kids. If you are selling these speakers in the San Diego area, I would love to meet you. You don’t know who I am, but I’ll be ready.

  51. I cant wait to ru9n into you six set taker. I’ll be working San Diego this week, be a little bit more specific tell me when and where you want to meet. Bring your whole family so I can rape you in front of them. Your a punk flea. You probably did rob a lame, but wait till you fuck with the wrong speakerman. Youre going to get fucked up, lol I cant wait, sweet dreams sweetie and keep your ass tight for me, just like your wifes!

  52. I got my money back from them and three other speakers…i con them right back…lool

  53. Aren’t these guys scared that they will mess with the wrong person and that he will track them down and beat the hell out of them or worse??

  54. I beat the shit out of one of these guys last night

  55. I had two guys approach me at the speedway gas station. they were trying to sell genesis media labs stereo. I knew it was a scam telling me that they received two many and need to dump them for 500 but would take 200. as soon as I held the receiver it felt as light as a cheap sony and it had a so called 500watt sub. these guys were driving a teal Chevy uplander that had Michigan plates. they got pissed after they went through their whole speech and I told them hell no. the one guy pushed me yelling at me and I popped him in the head. he ran to his van crying and sped off. I hate scam artists!

  56. Conned in Oneonta, NY by 2 guys in a white enterprise rantal van. They told me they had to offload some equipment they had left after an install down the road. Well needless to say I bought the “Genesis G-608” system for $300. Tapped out my bank account over this scan. Hopefully these things aren’t complete garbage.

  57. Havent even set mine up but i have a bad feeling its fake! Got scammed in Kitchener ON, Canada. Feel like a bit of a tool but lesson learned.

  58. My friend is the latest victim. He called me up today and told me that some guy was selling the Genesis Media Lab 506 model at the gas station. He bought 2 of them at $400 a pop. One for him and one for me. I said thanks but they sell this junk on ebay for $250 and then I told him about this website. His story is the same. They retail for $3995 and he had a couple extras he has too dump. The con man was on his way to do a install at the big casino in town. He was told that they are made in LA. My friend did get his phone number, tags, and Drivers License number. If he gets his money back I will let you know. Temecula, CA

  59. I was in a parking lot by Home Depot in Chandler, AZ. These two fools rolled up in a Silver Chevy Equinox. I noticed the plates had a floater tag. This was possible a rental car. This Brazilian guy asked me if I wanted to buy some speakers and I said ya let me check them out. The MSRP retail was $3995.00. He told me they gave him a extra pair of speakers in error and was selling them for a quick buck. He pulled out this magazine and showed it retail for the same price. They said they were installers. He said I just gives us extra beer money. They wearing Genesis logo t-shirt I knew this was to good to be true but I fell for it. I paid $300.00. I got home and looked under yahoo and saw that I had been Scammed. When I see these fools their going to get their ass beat.

  60. got me too. same story but i got his name from his driving lisence. Johnny Richard Poppell. 407 941 3767…and also407 580 5894. im 16 and me and a few of my friends are gonna pay him a visit in his house in apopka

  61. These guys are fairly regular in Ontario. They circle around certain area’s in and around the Toronto area.
    Same deal. They roll up and ask you if you want a system. Some speech about miscounted inventory and turning over the product before they go back to work or call it a day.
    They let you check out the stock, since you can’t play it anywhere, there really is no harm to them. They keep one open box and use it over and over again for each victim, then they churn out the closed boxes.
    Prices will range from $1000, or they’ll negotiate a few boxes for $500. You just gotta pay them and they’ll prolly sell you the truck too.
    Be careful. Usually its a white van, couple guys. They were recently in Mississauga.
    Luckily, I didn’t buy in, but I was there and watched as the guy next to me said he’d hit thebank machine (in the same parking lot) and be right back to square up with them. I was gone before the other guy paid up. Figured I’d check it out of curiousity.
    This website and list of details is really helpful.
    Hopefully these guys get whats coming to them!

  62. Same story as the rest. Was in a hurry and happened to have $200 in my pocket. They showed me the magazine and the receipts and I kind of wanted a theater system. Went through asking the questions and unfortunately he was a good sales man and had me sold. He put it in my trunk I handed them the money and they were gone. I Had the funny feeling that this was not right and it wasn’t. Good thing that money is not life. Hope no one else falls for this. Don’t be let down people they are going to a place that money will not buy them out of…

    But hey they are still sitting in my living room. Anyone have luck setting them up? Lemme know. I have the cord with the blue, green and red inputs but no luck working.. not a surprise.

  63. i almost got scammed in victorville, cali yesterday. same story and everything. but its 2 guys in a green van. i was with my family, it was my wife who kept calling me. she was just paranoid about the 2 guys. sometimes it pays to listen to your wife, i ended up not buying them. i even argued with my wife after that. when we got home, i checked up the merchandise in google, and to my surprise i was shocked, i couldve lost $500. i thanked my wife later.

  64. Three of us got taken in San Antonio for the G506 for $200 each. However, one guy went and checked the net and found out that it was a scam and he was able to get a hold of the guy and get his money back. My other friend and I ares still trying to get ahold of him too so we can get our money back- by the way the cell number he called me on to bring one of those systems to us is 210-214-5265 and he answers with Eric and he drives a white SUV.

  65. Apperently this scam is still happening. I was on my way home from work in Sandy, Ut today when These two younger guys in a newer gold nissan Armada Were telling me to roll down my window, so i did and they said They had a kick ass theater system they got for free and wanted to give it to the next cool guy they see. He tells me to pull over, so we stop in a parking lot and he opens the back. He then tells me that his company gave him an extra one by mistake, and wanted to give me the deal of a lifetime. 500 bucks for a $4000 system. They were meeting there boss at the Iggys sports bar, and if they took it to him he would just take it for himself, So they thought they would sell it and get some money for the titty bar, After a few minutes i told him no, and got in my car to drive off when the other guy stopped me and said his friend was just being greedy and they would take whatever the atm would let me withdrawl, he put the system in my back seat and i told him to take it back, he then got pissy and told me that i need to show my balls and stop being so indecisive. Reading about this now, i’m glad i passed.

  66. funny shit my dumbass buddy thought for sure it was worth it they tryed the same scam on me at the albertsons parking lot in spokane wa but the funny thing is my wallmart system is like better the only system worth this kind of money is a bose live by this

    “never buy anything from someone trying to sell it”
    if ur buying something u dont need someone to sel it to you

  67. I did get a plate # from the guy’s that scammed me in Michgan. I will call police in am.

  68. Well i must say i’m glad i found this page i paid $300 for the g506 but its ok i told him i sell something on the side he seemed to love it so gave me hes # called him and it was him got you bitch now ima see him tommorow i promise you people that this 2 guys in a white van hialeah fl are going to be sorry and ima get more than just my 300 back hehe >:) whos the retard now kids don’t do drugs it will come back and bite you in the ass as you can read hahahahahahaha >:)

  69. Do i need to cry or laugh?, this time the story changes a little, he comes with a pregnant woman, few minutes ago i been thinking -I need to do something, life i getting harder and i need to do something for earning some extra money- …then the great oppotunity appears like magic, a man that offer me a sound system, he told me that his bussines crashes with the bad times of economy and he will be out of bussines, -I want to recover something of what i lost investing in this shit- told the guy, then show me an exelent printing quality brushure with the prices you know guys.The man just told me -I know you dont know this make, and this is basicly the problem because i can’t sell this things, but i need at least $500 per each one and recover some money , well I thougth -hey i can help this poor guy and sell this thing at least for 1000, just what i been waiting, a good opportunity to make a little extra…the rest of the stoy ..well you know…not all is lost…i admit that the system not sound so bad , actually sound better than i had from a very famous make , i paid 500 for that one and other question comes to my mind…are we scamed all time and the only difference is that we feel better when we are scamed by famous makes??

  70. My name is Brandon. I have no complaints. I paid 300 dollars today. Hooked the son of a bitch up and that mother fucker is bad ass!

  71. so mark where are they made

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